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Bangui Bay Wind Farm

Bangui Bay Wind Farm seen as setting the trend in the development of renewable wind energy on this side of the world

The development of Bangui Bay Wind Farm is like hitting two birds with one stone: getting the benefits of both sustainable energy and a booming tourism industry.

This project had unexpectedly brought an influx of tourists coming from different parts of the Philippines, giving a boost to the tourism industry in the region and livelihood to the local people of Ilocos Norte. The development of said project put Ilocos Norte province in the Top 10 Tourist Destinations in the country and the number of tourists coming has been increasing ever since.

Of course, the project has successfully served its purpose to supply a generous amount of electricity in the area. Divided into three phases, the Bangui Bay Wind Farm consists a total of 26 wind turbines capable of producing electricity up to a maximum total generating capacity of 41 MW. The “Windmills” supply more than 40% of Ilocos Norte’s electricity through its connection to the Luzon Grid.

Dubbed as ”clean and green”, it is a turning point that kicked off the initiative of the government for energy projects accross the nation to cut down the dependency on prevailing generating systems using imported fossil fuels. This project helped in minimizing the cost of electricity consumption in favor of the customers within the Ilocos region.

PTS was contracted by Northwind Power Development Corporation (NPDC) for consultancy services as Owner’s Representative during the third phase of the project. We performed a number of tasks including the design of infrastructure which included roads and hardstands – to facilitate the installation of additional six wind turbines. Project management, construction management, and contract & finance management were also done.

It is of great pleasure for PTS to be a part of this milestone in the renewable energy sector in the Philippines.

Bangui Bay Wind Farm
Client Northwind Power Development Corporation
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