Project Description

Combo 3 Hydropower

Drawing from years of experience and with highly skilled engineers, PTS sets the stage of turning the Philippine rivers into sustainable and clean energy

For decades, many Filipino families living in remote areas have endured dark nights with just a little light from candles. However, even remote communities deserve access and entitlement to an electricity supply. With this in mind, PTS is keen to contribute to development of water sources into sustainable energy.

Our client, Kiangan Mini Hydro Corporation, is engaged in renewable energy projects in developing countries such as the Philippines and aims to generate electrical power from the countries’ hydro resources. In line with this, they contracted PTS in partnership with two other companies namely Enerhighlands and FRENDCO, to carry out four phases (site studies, preliminary engineering design, detailed engineering design, and optimization & recommendation) of a mini hydropower development project named ”Combo 3 Hydropower Development Project in Asin, Hungduan and Ibulao, Ifugao”.

PTS began to work on this project in 2016 and is currently at the third phase. We are pleased to play a role in sustainable development in the Power and Energy Sector and we look forward to lighting up more communities in the future.

Kiangan Mini Hydro Power
Client Kiangan Mini Hydro Corporation