Project Description


Amager Bakke Steel Structures in the European Super League

“The multifunctional industrial design is an ambitious vision of how a green energy plant can be combined with recreational areas that encourage adventure, play and movement (…) the plant exhibits a superb use of steel – both as visible material and as optimised structural steel.”

Thus wrote the judging committee when Amager Bakke was awarded an Award of Merit by the European Convention for Constructional Steelworks in 2017. This is the second time the engineering aspects of the project have been awarded. In 2015, the construction project also won the Tekla Global BIM Award for the use of digital tools.

7,500 tonnes of steel

The challenges of the spectacular construction are certainly not hard to spot. PacificTech Solutions has been designing industrial plants including large steel structures for numerous years, culminating with the involvement in this prestigious project in Denmark. However, this is the first time we have helped to create a ski slope. The roof slopes in all directions to make it perfect for skiing. The city park is also designed to accommodate up to 1,500 people. Therefore, the roof requires equal parts of flexibility and robustness. The extensive experience in steel design and detailing of PacificTech Solutions Senior Tekla Designer Erwin Espiritu was utilized to achieve delivery of this project.

Street kitchen on the top of Copenhagen
In addition to the famous ski slopes, space has been provided for a viewing platform, activity trails, a street kitchen and an 85-metre climbing wall on the side of the building.

“One of our tasks has been to model and produce connection detail drawings of the steel structures using the latest BIM features of the Tekla software. Being constantly up to date with the latest trends and technologies is what kept us ahead to deliver this magnificent project”

-Erwin Espiritu,
3D Engineering Designer, PTS

Amager Bakke
End Client ARC
Client MOE A/S
Architect BIG
Landscape Architect SLA