Project Description

Eau de Coco

PTS designed Eau de Coco’s home for cocounut processing.

Tropical areas in Asia and Latin America have traditionally been the primary sources of copra and oil prepared from coconuts. Typically, coconut water has been only a beverage among local people or an acquired taste for tourists. Today, this sweet and nutty drink has made its way into the taste of the world market.

Big players in the beverage industry have seen the potential and made investments in the wonderful and delicious drink. With the health enthusiasts lashing out at sugary drinks, it’s no surprise that softdrink distributors like Coca-Cola and Pepsi have also acquired their own lines of coconut water drinks – a shrewd venture that has extended the product to a much bigger market.

However, cocunut water has generally been cast aside or, at least, considered a backyard industry for sidewalk vendors due to its inherent perishability and short shelf life.

Eau de Coco (EDC) was established to cater to the growing international demand for coconut water and EDC decided to build its manufacturing facility in the Philippines due to the rich resources present locally. The Philippines now produces over 15 billion coconuts per year which makes the country a perfect venue for building EDC’s processing plant.

PTS was commissioned by EDC to carry out a feasibility study, followed by the preliminary and detailed engineering design of the coconut water processing plant to be located in the Southern Tagalog mainland. We also provided model generation, equipment and material procurement, project management and construction supervision services.

With the launch of this manufacturing facility, comes the society’s greater opportunity to stay fit and healthy!

Image courtesy of Eau de Coco