Project Description

New North Zealand Hospital

New North Zealand Hospital is undeniably outstanding for its unique design and technical advancement

Who says prestige couldn’t be inexpensive? At PTS, quality is not compromised by the price of the services we provide.

MOE A/S, as one of our biggest clients, attested that at PTS, it is doable to produce high quality services at cost effective rates.

MOE A/S is the 5th largest engineering consultancy in Denmark and we have been continuously working with their teams since 2012. One of the projects was the New Hospital North Zealand or as we call it, ”NHN”.

NHN was carefully planned to serve more than 310,000 people in Hillerød, Denmark. PTS was part of this project from preliminary roads and utilities design to final pathways, parking areas and drainage networks.

PTS participated with more than 4,000 man hours on this prestigious project. It included among other tasks, development design, BIM modelling, drafting, utilities, clashes resolution and bill of quantities preparation.

Drawing on many years of experience, the Outsourcing Business Line is extremely proud of this project delivery; representing a great achievement in the civil engineering outsourcing process.

”The level of ambition when it comes to indoor climate and energy is very high. The hospital must be constructed according to building class 2020 and there are stringent demands regarding the indoor climate. This must then be adapted to an equally ambitious architecture whose unique form of expression dictates that all rooms are unique. The rooms are oriented differently so that sunlightcan enter from all angles and many rooms face gardens with varying degrees of shadow. This is a complex series of factors to harmonise as we try to secure the perfect balance between daylight, a healthy indoor climate and energy consumption. We have worked on a broad range of initiatives to optimise the facade. We have had to locate the right size windows and solutions for how canopies and slats can provide the necessary shade.”


”Engaging PTS on this prestigious project has made a major impact on completing it on time and in a cost-effective manner.”


New North Zealand Hospital
End Client The Capital Region of Denmark
Client MOE A/S
Architect Herzog & De Meuron, Vilhelm Lauritzen