Project Description

Singapore Bio-Diesel Plant

Recycling treated wastewater within the production process

Disposal of industrial liquid waste has the potential for a catastrophic impact on the environment if appropriate measures are not put in place to protect water bodies upon which the natural food chain depends.

EnviroSolutions & Consulting (ESC) is dedicated to providing solutions to environmental problems including waste disposal and greenhouse gas emissions. ESC has offices located in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Hongkong.

In 2017, ESC commissioned PTS to provide consultancy engineering services for a bio-diesel plant in Singapore. This project was intended to evaluate options for an industrial effluent treatment system in order to meet off-site treatment parameter requirements.

Services provided by PTS included the update of the basis of design (BOD) incorporating further laboratory analysis and the preparation of a pre-feasibility study to evaluate options.

This project showcased a responsible industry action, aiming to contribute to sustainable development by recycling treated wastewater within the production process. PTS is pleased to be part of such a project; one that may contribute to saving the environment.

Singapore Bio-Diesel Plant
Client EnviroSolutions & Consulting, Pte. Ltd.