Project Description

Sta. Rita Gas Turbine

Power generation through gas turbine power plants

Power can be generated in many ways and in different methods and techniques e.g. hydro, wind, coal, thermal, nuclear, machinery, etc.

Here in PTS, we engage in not just one power generation method, we work over and across various power production techniques.

In 2015, Stellar Energy Technologies contracted PTS to provide structural engineering assessment for San Lorenzo and Santa Rita Gas Turbine Power Plants located in Batangas City. The project was in preparation for the upgrade of the cooling system for six gas turbines installed to increase power generation capacity.

Image courtesy of Department of Energy Philippines
Image courtesy of Department of Energy Philippines

PTS delivered a chain of services including document review, verification of data against actual installations, elaboration of the structural model and testing of reactions on the foundations against drawings.

The San Lorenzo Power Plant played a critical role in establishing the Philippine natural gas industry. It is a beneficiary of the country’s first natural gas production facility, in Palawan (developed by Shell).