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Our company ensures that our projects contribute to a better and more sustainable future.

Our commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR) is expressed through the skills of the employees who work at PTS, whose mission is to provide prompt and value oriented engineering services by empowering people to take the initiative, make decisions and deliver exemplary performance.

Our CSR policy is built on four pillars based on United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

Governance and Ethics

Human Capital

Environmental Performance

Civic and Humanitarian Commitment

Governance and Ethics

PTS is convinced that exemplary ethical conduct is a key factor in its performance and sustainable growth, and that this entails all employees to apply these principles in their everyday duties.

PTS wants to reinforce the culture of ethics and make sure that all employees know the ethics of PTS so we can prevent risks of corruption, fraud, and misconduct.

The Code of Ethics from Artelia Group is the foundation of the culture of ethics in PTS.

Human Capital

Our employees are our most important resource and we strongly believe that the best and most competent consulting requires professionalism at all levels, a positive corporate culture, and attractive working conditions.

We will focus on improving the working conditions in general and introduce and implement career path for everyone.

We believe in diversity and equal opportunity for all, regardless of gender, sexuality, color, religion, etc. We strive to ensure gender-balance in the management positions and in the whole company.

We want our employees to be healthy and safe and encourage a healthy environment and culture.

Through our highly specialized knowledge and experience, we aim to create value for our customers that contributes to a more sustainable society and helps solve the challenges of the future.

Environmental Performance

We strive to contribute to a more sustainable society and help solve the challenges of today and the future – we call it “Engineering a Sustainable Future”.

We are focused on the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We incorporate these goals and strive to make a positive impact.

We will assess the quality and the efficiency in all our Business Lines and ensure that we have the required technical skills when needed.

The office of PTS is in the class A green BTTC building which, among other, recycles water with its built-in sewerage treatment plan.

As part of our sustainable plan, we strive to re-use, reduce and recycle as much as possible.

Civic and Humanitarian Commitment

PTS contributes to eliminating poverty in the Philippines by supporting underprivileged children. We regularly work with Concordia Children Services, Inc. located in Santa Mesa, Manila. Concordia Children´s Services is home to 25 abandoned and orphaned children and works as a development center for 120 urban poor children who get feeding, tutoring, taekwondo classes and bible studies every week.

Artelia Foundation reached out to PTS to get knowledge about needing NGOs during the Covid-19 crisis. PTS recommended Project Bantu Ph and Concordia Children´s Services which both were distributing food packs to the poor people in Sta. Mesa and San Andres Bukid. They were both supported with funds from Artelia Foundation.

PTS contributes to local community life in the Philippines by preferring local work force at sites.

Artelia Foundation supports civic and humanitarian causes through encouragement of skills-based volunteering by placing the expertise of the employees at the source of these causes.

PTS encourages employees to do community or volunteer work.

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Introduction of Artelia Foundation

Artelia Group has a devoted a portion of its company profits to Artelia Foundation to support humanitarian projects in France and around the world. In more than 30 countries and on its ability to innovate, the Artelia Group contributes to social and economic development in the regions in which the company operates.

The Artelia Foundation sets itself apart through its ambition to make the technical and human skills of its employees available for a wide range of humanitarian assignments. NGOs and associations are thus able to develop projects that make a real difference thanks to our employees’ contributions. By giving their time and experience, anyone can help to ensure a successful outcome for a social, environmental or humanitarian project.

Over its 14 years of existence, the Artelia Foundation has supported more than 200 projects for 80 different associations. More than 330 employees have carried out assignments with the Foundation in 28 different countries.

The Foundation’s scope of action has gradually been broadened by other forms of support such as financial patronage, one-off events (e.g. seminars and races in support of charitable causes), longer-term commitments such as the sponsoring of young people, and fundraising through participating in sporting events such as the annual sports challenge, as well as new associations that need the specific skills we can provide.

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