Taking part on a world record tunnel factory

Fehmarn Belt Fixed Link will be the world’s longest rail tunnel. It will connect the Danish Island of Lolland with the German Island of Fehmarn. The fixed immersed tunnel link across the Fehmarn Belt will be more than 18 km long and carry a four-lane motorway alongside a twin track-electrified railway.

PTS, through MOE, is currently working on the design of roads and drainages for a large purpose-built factory where the tunnel elements for Fehmarn Belt will be produced. The tunnel elements are of a very special calibre which is why a new factory for this purpose must be established in Lolland.

The project covers a total of 23 km of roads, 4 km of paths, 52000 sqm of paved areas and 89000 sqm of unpaved areas. The drainage works is similarly large with the expectation to establish at least 6 pumping stations as well as a few basins.

The services we provide in this project are geometry plans, cross sections, surface plans, longitudinal profile, etc.

Watch the video below to know more about this extensive project: