We are taking part in the exciting transformation of Paper Island

The island of Christiansholm, better known as Paper Island, is a 29000 m2 artificial island in the heart of Copenhagen’s inner harbor front. Christiansholm earned its nickname for having stored huge rolls of newsprint. In 2013, the Procurement Association of the Danish Press left the island after more than 50 years. The buildings were then used for cultural activities such as the Experimentarium City and the widely known Copenhagen Street Food. Paper Island has a very prominent location right next to the Royal Library, Amager Bakke, Bio 4, the Royal Danish Playhouse, and the Opera House.

The project’s masterplan is to enhance the urban life setting that is already on the island by replacing the old warehouses with new ones for public functions such as event and gallery halls and a swimming facility.

Apartments, general housing, a hotel, and a market hall will also be built. The whole island will be emphasized by a public promenade.

We are working in this project in collaboration with our colleagues in MOE Denmark. Our engineers are doing some of the structural aspects of the project like robustness and snow load calculations, preparation of vertical load trace, load plans, etc.